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This is an award I gave to myself. I have another blog Terra Del Sole that is my main blog. It is the place I share my personal life with all my followers. I comment to my followers, and ask if you are a follower here...please follow me at Terra Del Sole so I can come and see you on a more regular basis. If you are in my ten blog post your top ten things and your ten blogs.
so here goes...
These giant dogs are my 2 Cane Corso's (villa dogs or "courtyard") These dogs are Italian Mastiffs. They are so loving and super gentle. They rub against you like cats. They are super quiet when they are in the house. I have lost lots of beautiful pots on my patio. They play with my Terra cotta saucers like they are sleds. (we don't have snow). They take the saucer, and slide down the hill. These two are sisters, and we could not break them up so they have their own room in our home.
I love my art collection. I also have made several friends buying art, and this is why I review their work. I hope they can make a sell, and continue to do what they love to do. It is their passion, and I like to help any way I am able to do so.
I love getting closer to realizing our family dream of having a Tuscan House. This is a photo I took of a house in Northern California, but it looks Italian doesn't it?!
Grapes. I really don't eat grapes or rasins. YUCK! I do love WINE! I want to grow wine grapes and olives on our ranch. We want chickens, sheep, goats, and horses. I also have "red wiggler worms" (they eat garbage). We can have our museum on the ranch and have ag tours. Later when our museum has more visitors we can maybe donate some of our property to the museum itself. I would love to employ all kinds of people, and help promote farm life and Italian American influence on our way of life today.
Being close to the Ocean. I love living close to the Ocean and the mountains. This is a photo I took while we were on PCH 1. I hated the drive, but I love it that I never have to go this way again. Once in a lifetime was enough for me. I swear it was like riding a roller coaster you could not get off of for 2 hours.
I love researching my family history. What does a Water Mill have to do with it? Well, my great, gr, gr, gr grandfather took the rocks out of a river to build his house. He also built an Inn. I kid you not...he once had a lady named Mary that was pregnant come to stay at the Inn. This Mary did not have a husband, and the baby was a girl. My grgrgrgr grandfather took her into the house, and she became a member of the house. She worked as a maid, but her daughter grew up with the other children. He even built his own mill, and the saw mill became the center of town. He milled the grain, but he also made the cradles, and the coffins. As well as most of the other furniture for homes in the area.
I love my 2 little dogs. The white one is a Maltese, and the Yorkie is Gucci. Gucci is the one with the most personality, and she will boss around the Italian Mastiffs. She is only 5 lbs, and she puts her tiny paw up to their mouth. They are 95lbs and the other one is 92lbs.
This is my son. He is much older now, and I don't share any photo's of them at their current age just because I don't want people that don't know them to come up to them and act like they know them. In this photo he has his paper crown on his head. He wore his paper crown everyday for months. I had to make a new one if anything happened to the original. I am sure we went through at least 25. Everywhere we go people come up to us and tell my husband and I how great our children behave. We go to antique stores, art galleries, museums, special invitations to farms, vineyards, and orchards. We enjoy being with our children because it is so much fun for us. They are the sweetest! Thanks be to God for giving us such wonderful children!
This is my daughter. She is a little beauty queen. She is smart and just so filled with joy. I just love spending special moments with her. We take photos of her dolls, scrapbook, and enjoy making funny music videos of our own. We sing to popular music, and she sings lead. We make a video to send to my family back east. They are more often than not very funny! She is very girlie, and I just love that. Her birthday is coming up, and this is the first year she opted out of a party with her friends and just wants to spend time with the family. We have to go to build a bear workshop, Barnes and Nobel (always a must), and California Pizza Kitchen. I could not have imagined a better baby girl for me.

What I love more than anything is my marriage to my wonderful husband. We have been through so much in our marriage. His mother tried to dominate our marriage. We lived with her being right across the street from us for seven years. We rebuilt our house from the foundation up, and with small children. All of living in a house that was being remodeled. His mother got cancer, and she would not allow anyone but me to take care of her. She lived for a year after she had her stomach removed. We then had to pay the IRS loads of cash we did not have. We sold, sold sold so much. Finally as we are started to level out we now have a grand opportunity to have the dreams of our whole family come true. We are following our bliss, passion, and density. Living in San Luis Obispo is our dream. It will become our new LOVE as a family.

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  1. thank you lovely! I'm here to pick it up!
    its HEAVY.

    heart you.

  2. Thanks lady, that's so sweet!

    Loved reading this post :-)

  3. Thanks so much for including me, Kimberly. I also loved reading your 10 things and getting to know you. Wishing you much luck in attaining your Tuscan house!

    p.s. I will include you in my upcoming awards post. Thanks again.

  4. Hi, Kimberly:

    I want to thank you sincerely for including my simple blog in your list. That is worth to me to keep writing (my passion).

    I see you are a dog person, I' a cat one, but I do love little puppies and cute little dogs.

    Your family is lovely :)

    I hope you have a wonderful New Year.


  5. Hi, Kimberly:

    Now you are listed in my top ten favourite bloggers. This is so much fun!

    I hope you have a great 2010.


  6. Wow! Thank you so much. This really, really made my day. I have been in a little bit of a blog funk and was going to write a morbid self-pity post. Better idea, yours is! I'm following you on the other blog, but it is so cool to get to know more about you. I had no idea. We started growing grapes in the family farm (in Iowa) last year. It's been a learning process, but they really took off and I have to figure out how to prune them for year two. There's a great grape supply/wholesale store in Minneapolis I can look up for you if you want. Here they are as babies:

  7. And, here they were by the end of the summer:

  8. Kimberly, WOW! Thank you! You really made my day! I don't think I've ever made anyone's top 10 list for anything! Thank you! I really enjoyed reading your post and getting to know you better through it. Your children and dogs are beautiful! You clearly are a woman of exceptional taste, talent, and kindness. Happy New Year! ~ Jenn

  9. GOSH Kimberly! Thank-you!!!!! I couldn't be more flattered! Have never won a blog-award fact have been wondering just how the whole blog-award thing works?!

    And SUCH a happy, upbeat, great for the New Year award it is! It's nice to give a few moments to the things we love .....

    Will start following you at Terra Del Sole as well. Love your darling children and your art collection!

    Happy New Year dear Kimberly!!!

  10. You have some amazing pictures on here. I'm just enjoying looking at them. Hope you don't mind.