Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Eyes of God

It looks like eyes to me. I can see why the ancient people would think that God was looking down upon them. I think it is beautiful. What do you think?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Compass Book Store Sun

I did not go into this bookstore, but I am sure that my husband kept me out of the place on purpose. I have not seen too many suns with a stache. Have you?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sun Plaque

I am almost certain that I took this photo while we were in Frontier Land. It has a Spanish feel, so I think this was near the Zorro area. I love the teal blue with the bright yellow sun. No, I don't know any of the people.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Disneyland Sun

While we were at Disneyland, CA. I had my camera with me, so I took several photos of sun images.  This was actually one of the first I saw there. We had such a blast. It was perfect to visit the happiest place on Earth before the children head back to school.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Occidental, California


This is from the "Country Herb Store" in Occidental, California. I had to take the photo as I passed outside their store when I was visiting the area today.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ancient Egyptian Stone

An ancient stone from Egypt depicts the sun with a square hole in the center. The center hole is an indications "The Eye of God". I have taken photos of the sky, and see how the ancient people would think that a God is looking down on them.

If you have an image of the sun to share please e-mail me, and I post it.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bloggy Friend Painting

Sunset in Autumn Woods by Julie Schulet at My Good Babushka . She is a great artist, and I love the work she does. This one is available at her etsy store I love scenes in hte woods, and have not seen too many that include the sun. I was happy that Julie allowed me to use her image here, and tell all of you about her art.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sun for Mama and Mini


These are pendants and pins. Both are the sun, and are from Italy. Th one on the right has been to my jeweler. I had a smaller diamond taken out, and the 1/2 carat diamond from my engagement ring set in it. The one with the opal has not made the trip to the jeweler. I will have the original diamond from the first one set in this one. 

One is mine and the other one is for my daughter. I try to find vintage sun pins and pendants to collect. Once we actually have our ranch, and the museum I would love to have some jewelers offer pieces that are related to things at the ranch and the museum. The museum will be all about Italian culture and the influence it has in America. 

We thought having an ag-tour museum would be great for us and our community. We do not have our ranch as of yet, but if you want to see our progress go to my blog Terra Del Sole.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Crete Sun

This is the Phaistos Disk. These writings have not been deciphered. The disk on the right has what I believe to be a sun image right in the center. There are many civilizations that have a flower and a wheel as the symbol of the sun. There are so many symbols of the sun...some even include an eye, heart, triangle.etc. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Etruscan Sun God

 Getty image

This is Usil, and the name has not been agreed upon. The language of the Etruscan has not been deciphered, so Usil may be the name or it may not. So what do we know about the artifact.

He has wings on his heels like Mercury. He is running over the water. Do you see the waves. He is one an ionic column, but I am not sure why. I think if this was a part of someone's home they may have sought to align themselves with a God. Many aristocratic or upper class people would align themselves with the Gods for more power. He also has wings. They look like they may have been the ones Icarus used. I hope he knows what happened to him.

He is an interesting God non the less. I have seen other Sun Gods with barges, but wings and wings on the heels. I think that this is a real clue about the Etruscans. I think they originally came from somewhere else. Maybe Crete?  Their art has influences from Assyria and Egypt. The flight over the sea of waves, it must have been a long trip to their destination. Their main God is not in a barge or on wheels...he has wings and he is flying over waves.

Do you have any thought about it?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Scythian Sun Image

Special thanks to http://www.anthroglobe.info/docs/Sergei/scythian-sarmatian-symbols.htm

These signs are read from the bottom to the top. You are going to be floored when I tell you what it is. The bottom part with the two swirls crossing is "Ma" She is represents the supreme fire...She is the Goddess of fire. 
The eye (you can see it right?) is named "Tara" The God of Sun and Thunder.

The two horns sticking out represent rays of the sun, bull horns, and arrows.

The overall symbolism is from the cult of the sun, fire, home, and hearth.  Symbolism of cattle, wealth, life and death in also included. The bull is so prevalent in ancient times because it represents fertility. I think you could probably guess why it would have that associated with it.

A Little Sun for Sunday

I have special permission to utilize this painting from my friend Robin Ann at Insights and Belly Laughs. She does so many beautiful paintings. I really love this for the sun, and the colorful flowers. Even the centers of the flowers give hints of ancient symbolism of the sun. The one on the left foreground has the wheel pattern, and the one behind it clearly has a more realistic sun right in the center. The one on the right foreground has more of the Vergina  Sun symbol look. The colors are bold and striking. Thank you Robin for the use of the image. Please go by and say hi to Robin.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Native American

This image is from Kiva's American Indian Symbol. This is the sun, made with feathers. This symbol was bestowed on those of honor, and during special occasions. Sometimes it is found in the center of a headdress. The feathers make up the circle. A square in the center usually refers to the number four...like the seasons, and the directions.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


This is Danu, and she is the Goddess of all living things. You see her sun pendant around here neck, and the swirls in her pan. The swirls are a sign of the sun, but also of the water. She was an original Goddess throughout Europe and India. On her back are three phases of the moon. She is light, and dark, earth, air and water. Then Danube River gets it's name from Danu.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Christianity and the Sun

I think this image is interesting. We have the Pope in the center with the orb and keys to heaven in his left hand. In his right hand is his staff with three crosses on top to symbolize the other two men that were put to death at the same time as Jesus. In the right hand corner is a messenger. He appears to be blowing his horn, and about to write a message. On the left is the sun. The sun has a face, but not a happy look. I wonder what the message was to the Pope.

Monday, February 1, 2010

My image of the sun from my son

This is a sun image my son made from copper. Designs and patterns were the subject that we were learning about in this art class. The sun in the center of a diamond, and the eyes have swirls. The swirls are repeated again all along the border. He gave this to me as a present.

I am asking all of you for any photo's you may have of a sun image. Do you have a ceramic sun in your back yard? Does you neighbor? Is there one in the square where you live? Please share your photo. If you have a photo of the sun to share with me. Please e-mail me, and I will share all the information and a link to your blog or website. In can be any kind of image of the sun..jewelry, ceramic, what ever you have...send it to me, and I will share it! contessagrigia@gmail.com

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Moderen with a Sumerian Look

UGH! I don't remember where I got this from, but I am sure somewhere from Goggle images. It has a Sumerian look to it. I am sure the person that made it had some knowledge of history and old images of the sun. Even around the borders the swirls are representative of the sun in ancient times. I don't even want to tell you what the middle area reminds me of that is non art related. (Must be the wine).

To my new followers...this is my Art History site about all things sun related. The theology behind the sun, the history, and art. If you want to follow my more personal blog it is here...http://terra-del-sole.blogspot.com/

Another Eye of God

Here is another photo I took on the way home from San Luis Obispo. This hole in the cloud looked to me like an "Eye of God". I have added in other posts that there has been a movement link an eclipse with how the "Eye of God" started. This photo makes another compelling argument. Eye in the sky.

What do you think?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Personal Pic

This is one of the photo's I took on the home from San Luis Obispo. I thought a little break from my usual post of historical information might be nice. I also posted this photo on my other blog. This was the last day I saw the sun since we been having so much rain here in SF.

Warm Blessing from the Land of Sun...Terra Del Sole.

Monday, January 18, 2010

2nd Chumash Sun

Here is my second sun representation of the sun. This was made by the Chumash Indians. They were the first known inhabitants of the coastal region of California. The food was plentiful for the people, and the Chumash lived as far south as Santa Barbara, and as far north as Monterey County. The weather is mild by the coast, so they would have worn very little in the way of clothing. Since the weather was mild there was more time for making jewelry, and other items of "luxury". The art that you see here would have been what they would have perceived as "luxury". It was not something that they Needed, just made life more pleasurable. What is a luxury you could not do with out?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Chumash Sun Symbol

When we were visiting San Luis Obispo I took this photo at the Mission. This is the ancient sun symbol created by the Chumash Indians that once inhabited the area of San Luis Obispo. It has long been said that the rings around the center circle represent pregnancy. The spirals are all over the world. Which is fascinating in itself. These circles are sometimes called primitive sun symbols as well.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


So, I was almost certain that I would be able to find several examples of sun images in Jordan, but Petra was the only place I could find a sun image (the one above the cock). This dates to the Roman mosaic's. It is beautiful.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Something fun

A golden sun illuminating the hillside. The rays stretch out over the countryside. It almost has an overheated felling to it to me. What do you think?

Monday, January 11, 2010

Another Side of The World

Surya is one of the Indian Sun Gods. This one is from North Eastern India. Notice the cute little moustache, and the elongated eye brows. It is believed that the Iranians brought Sun worshipping to the Indian people. His third eye area is very interesting in itself.

Warm wishes and Bright blessings Namaste

Sunday, January 10, 2010

A New Day

This little image is something I made for the art program that I teach for our school. I am not an artist. I am an art historian. I also wanted to share with all of you the same thing I shared on my other blog. Terra Del Sole. It is my more personal blog. I will get back to my usual posts tomorrow. I thought maybe you want to have some history of what my SUN posts are all about, and how they started.

So, I have not been around the last couple of days because I have been recovering from our family sadness. We have gone through our second round of paying for inspections, appraisals, and the emotional investment. It is heartbreaking.

The eighth we were suppose to close on our second deal. We even agreed to allow the guy to stay through the holiday season. He would just rather see his house foreclose rather than give his wife the child support he owes to her. Since we ask that an easement be cleared off the title his agent did not pursue the contingency. The property is worth less money with an easement running through the front yard.

I am confident that we are going to find the right piece of land for us. I think for now we are just going to relax and allow our agent to gather some other alternatives for us. I hope that third time turns out to be the ONE. If the third is not the one I guess it is just not meant for us to have a ranch with our museum.

We have learned lots of lessons during our search. Really, really, really, go with your gut. Be careful with the agent that you choose. Don’t choose one that works for both sides. We learned that one the hard way.

Many banks can do the same thing a “broker” can do for you. We lost thousands of dollars believing that a “broker” could do something extra. UGH!

Today, I cleaned and thought...my New Years Resolution was to become a better person, so I know how I can share with you a little more everyday how I am becoming a better person. At the end of every blog I will end with a sentence of what I did for the day to help my mind, body, and soul. I have a little book to keep my log of my little steps toward a better mind, body, and soul.

One of my favorite authors is Plato. I loved that he was what I believe to be a Great teacher. He believed that Mind, Body, and Soul each had to be nourished. Learning, by asking questions, playing games, and enjoying the adventurous journey toward wisdom.

Gymnastics is what we refer to as Physical Education. Thousands of years ago people knew that living healthy made you a better person. The fountain of youth is through movement.

The soul is our spirit it is different things to all of us. Or maybe it is that the words we choose for IT are different but fundamentally it is the same. The essence of our beings. Part of our personality, something that is at the core of our very being, and transcends this universe or existence.

So why do I want to find our “Terra Del Sole” , and why the obsession about the sun. Well, since I was young I have been collecting celestial sun images. I have always been fascinated with art of the sun through time. I am convinced that the very first religion was all about the sun. There is evidence that very early people all over the world had a God or Goddess as the sun. Then throughout time we have not lost our link to the FIRST religion. Many religions have retained some (sometimes settle) aspect of the sun. Royalty has for ages retained a link to the sun, and linking themselves to a greater REIGN than their own. Today, many products still use the sun symbols in their logo or brand. It is so primal, so necessary for our existence, and so NOW. We are coming full circle in our knowledge quest...the sun was vitally important for early people, and today we are realizing that the sun has so many more potentials that we are tapping into again.

When we went looking for our ranch I was reading another book about the Medici family. Cosmio had a Villa and country town named he named “Terra Del Sole”. One of the places we loved had a door knocker that is a sun. We loved the name, and we want our ranch to be varied. One thing we have learned about ranches, farms, and country life in general is you have to vary your farm. (I will tell more about this another time.)

My husband has not been feeling well. He has had this stomach thing for a long time. We had him all checked out about 2 years ago. His mother and grandfather died of stomach cancer, so I have been worried. He is not ready to go back to the doctor, and it is had to see your husband heartbroken and feeling so sick.

This is another reason I just want to kinda hang out, and let our agent find something suitable for us. Something that does not have a long escrow and end in sorrow for us. I have tried to lift my spirits by buying stuff I don’t need apothecary jars, art, and vintage posters from Italy. So today is a cleansing day...stop my ebay purchases after I pay for the items I win. Maybe once my husband sees that I am improving me that he will want to help himself.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Eye of God Example 1 Ancient Egypt

This is an Egyptian Eye of Horus. One can see how an eclipse with a little imagination could reveal an eye of God to people.

There are images of "Eye of God" that have rays behind it, and some even have stars in the background with the rays of the sun. More evidence that the idea of the "Eye of God" began when someone saw an eclipse in the heavens. The image of an eye came to their mind, and we still utilize the symbol today. So, I think in the coming days I will post how we still utilize this more mysterious image today.

Solar Eclipse

This is a solar eclipse. Take a real close look at it. What do you think it looks like? It is believed that over the years early people looked at the sky and saw the solar eclipse as the EYE OF GOD. I can see it. Can you? It does have an eye appearance. The pupil in the center...the shape of the eye.

During the eclipse God was peeking in and checking out how things were going on earth. It seems plausible that early man would have a thought like this. They were observing the sky, and this must have seemed like proof to early man that God existed and was watching them.

I can almost imagine how surreal the experience would have been for the early people. Maybe even more so for the "common" people. I am sure that the educated (scribes, royalty, and scholars) knew of some records, but others had no idea what was going on at the time.

Let me know what you think.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Extra Symbols

The Freemason's apron had a sun on the front, and the eye of God on the triangle at the bottom. I am sure this is part of a necklace. The eye of God is thought to originate in ancient times because of an eclipse. I will have to show you some examples, it is really fascinating. Seeing the evidence is so compelling.

One of the greatest pieces of information that I have come across recently has been what ancient doctors were preaching, fresh air, water, and sun is the best medicine. I recently read that more doctors are recommending that we get more sun during the day because vitamin D from the sun is better for us.

I am not a physician so always talk to your personal physician before you decide to burn yourself in the sun, and then blame me. I love being in the fresh country air, drinking real water (not from plastic), and doing some sun worshiping. I don't believe in overdoing it. Please be responsible for your own intake of anything.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Flag of Terra Del Sole

This is the flag of the very first "Terra Del Sole". This one exist in Italy. Cosmio was the one that founded the area, and named it. I have always loved the celestial image of the sun, and have a collection of items that are images of the sun (especially jewelry)

I thought I would have to start the year off with telling you where I got the idea. I was reading all about the Medici family when we started looking for "our place under the sun" it really grabbed the heart strings of the whole family, and we adopted the name. I am sure Cosmio got the name from Heliopolis (land of the sun in Egypt). We want to keep the Italian name since we are Italian (I am Italian in spirit, no real evidence YET). My husband is 100% Italian. Both of his parents are from Italy, and the rest of his family lives in Italy.

This site is all about the art history of images that are of the sun, and how they relate to other images of the sun in different areas of the world. If you are interested in the celestial sun images. I welcome you to join me. If you are interested in the journey my family is on to search for our place under the sun...please follow me on http://terra-del-sole.blogspot.com/