Sunday, January 3, 2010

Extra Symbols

The Freemason's apron had a sun on the front, and the eye of God on the triangle at the bottom. I am sure this is part of a necklace. The eye of God is thought to originate in ancient times because of an eclipse. I will have to show you some examples, it is really fascinating. Seeing the evidence is so compelling.

One of the greatest pieces of information that I have come across recently has been what ancient doctors were preaching, fresh air, water, and sun is the best medicine. I recently read that more doctors are recommending that we get more sun during the day because vitamin D from the sun is better for us.

I am not a physician so always talk to your personal physician before you decide to burn yourself in the sun, and then blame me. I love being in the fresh country air, drinking real water (not from plastic), and doing some sun worshiping. I don't believe in overdoing it. Please be responsible for your own intake of anything.


  1. Hi Kimberly, I gave up the sun years ago (-:
    Following you back!

  2. How true. Fresh air, sun and water are the best medicine. The problem is there is less and less fresh air around.