Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sun for Mama and Mini


These are pendants and pins. Both are the sun, and are from Italy. Th one on the right has been to my jeweler. I had a smaller diamond taken out, and the 1/2 carat diamond from my engagement ring set in it. The one with the opal has not made the trip to the jeweler. I will have the original diamond from the first one set in this one. 

One is mine and the other one is for my daughter. I try to find vintage sun pins and pendants to collect. Once we actually have our ranch, and the museum I would love to have some jewelers offer pieces that are related to things at the ranch and the museum. The museum will be all about Italian culture and the influence it has in America. 

We thought having an ag-tour museum would be great for us and our community. We do not have our ranch as of yet, but if you want to see our progress go to my blog Terra Del Sole.