Sunday, January 10, 2010

A New Day

This little image is something I made for the art program that I teach for our school. I am not an artist. I am an art historian. I also wanted to share with all of you the same thing I shared on my other blog. Terra Del Sole. It is my more personal blog. I will get back to my usual posts tomorrow. I thought maybe you want to have some history of what my SUN posts are all about, and how they started.

So, I have not been around the last couple of days because I have been recovering from our family sadness. We have gone through our second round of paying for inspections, appraisals, and the emotional investment. It is heartbreaking.

The eighth we were suppose to close on our second deal. We even agreed to allow the guy to stay through the holiday season. He would just rather see his house foreclose rather than give his wife the child support he owes to her. Since we ask that an easement be cleared off the title his agent did not pursue the contingency. The property is worth less money with an easement running through the front yard.

I am confident that we are going to find the right piece of land for us. I think for now we are just going to relax and allow our agent to gather some other alternatives for us. I hope that third time turns out to be the ONE. If the third is not the one I guess it is just not meant for us to have a ranch with our museum.

We have learned lots of lessons during our search. Really, really, really, go with your gut. Be careful with the agent that you choose. Don’t choose one that works for both sides. We learned that one the hard way.

Many banks can do the same thing a “broker” can do for you. We lost thousands of dollars believing that a “broker” could do something extra. UGH!

Today, I cleaned and New Years Resolution was to become a better person, so I know how I can share with you a little more everyday how I am becoming a better person. At the end of every blog I will end with a sentence of what I did for the day to help my mind, body, and soul. I have a little book to keep my log of my little steps toward a better mind, body, and soul.

One of my favorite authors is Plato. I loved that he was what I believe to be a Great teacher. He believed that Mind, Body, and Soul each had to be nourished. Learning, by asking questions, playing games, and enjoying the adventurous journey toward wisdom.

Gymnastics is what we refer to as Physical Education. Thousands of years ago people knew that living healthy made you a better person. The fountain of youth is through movement.

The soul is our spirit it is different things to all of us. Or maybe it is that the words we choose for IT are different but fundamentally it is the same. The essence of our beings. Part of our personality, something that is at the core of our very being, and transcends this universe or existence.

So why do I want to find our “Terra Del Sole” , and why the obsession about the sun. Well, since I was young I have been collecting celestial sun images. I have always been fascinated with art of the sun through time. I am convinced that the very first religion was all about the sun. There is evidence that very early people all over the world had a God or Goddess as the sun. Then throughout time we have not lost our link to the FIRST religion. Many religions have retained some (sometimes settle) aspect of the sun. Royalty has for ages retained a link to the sun, and linking themselves to a greater REIGN than their own. Today, many products still use the sun symbols in their logo or brand. It is so primal, so necessary for our existence, and so NOW. We are coming full circle in our knowledge quest...the sun was vitally important for early people, and today we are realizing that the sun has so many more potentials that we are tapping into again.

When we went looking for our ranch I was reading another book about the Medici family. Cosmio had a Villa and country town named he named “Terra Del Sole”. One of the places we loved had a door knocker that is a sun. We loved the name, and we want our ranch to be varied. One thing we have learned about ranches, farms, and country life in general is you have to vary your farm. (I will tell more about this another time.)

My husband has not been feeling well. He has had this stomach thing for a long time. We had him all checked out about 2 years ago. His mother and grandfather died of stomach cancer, so I have been worried. He is not ready to go back to the doctor, and it is had to see your husband heartbroken and feeling so sick.

This is another reason I just want to kinda hang out, and let our agent find something suitable for us. Something that does not have a long escrow and end in sorrow for us. I have tried to lift my spirits by buying stuff I don’t need apothecary jars, art, and vintage posters from Italy. So today is a cleansing day...stop my ebay purchases after I pay for the items I win. Maybe once my husband sees that I am improving me that he will want to help himself.

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