Friday, January 1, 2010

Flag of Terra Del Sole

This is the flag of the very first "Terra Del Sole". This one exist in Italy. Cosmio was the one that founded the area, and named it. I have always loved the celestial image of the sun, and have a collection of items that are images of the sun (especially jewelry)

I thought I would have to start the year off with telling you where I got the idea. I was reading all about the Medici family when we started looking for "our place under the sun" it really grabbed the heart strings of the whole family, and we adopted the name. I am sure Cosmio got the name from Heliopolis (land of the sun in Egypt). We want to keep the Italian name since we are Italian (I am Italian in spirit, no real evidence YET). My husband is 100% Italian. Both of his parents are from Italy, and the rest of his family lives in Italy.

This site is all about the art history of images that are of the sun, and how they relate to other images of the sun in different areas of the world. If you are interested in the celestial sun images. I welcome you to join me. If you are interested in the journey my family is on to search for our place under the sun...please follow me on


  1. I love it: Place under the sun!

    p.s. Being a better person is a great goal for 2010.

  2. The sun has such significance all throughout history. This is lovely, I can see why you would be drawn to anything symbolizing it.