Monday, January 18, 2010

2nd Chumash Sun

Here is my second sun representation of the sun. This was made by the Chumash Indians. They were the first known inhabitants of the coastal region of California. The food was plentiful for the people, and the Chumash lived as far south as Santa Barbara, and as far north as Monterey County. The weather is mild by the coast, so they would have worn very little in the way of clothing. Since the weather was mild there was more time for making jewelry, and other items of "luxury". The art that you see here would have been what they would have perceived as "luxury". It was not something that they Needed, just made life more pleasurable. What is a luxury you could not do with out?


  1. I love that.

    A luxury I couldn't do without, hmmmm...

    I'm an art and beauty lover too and I just wouldn't want to do without the beautiful pieces I've collected over the years.

  2. Yeah, I am an art lover too! It would be an injustice for me to live without art.

  3. Beautiful! Thanks for the follow. I am following your lovely blog now:)