Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Scythian Sun Image

Special thanks to http://www.anthroglobe.info/docs/Sergei/scythian-sarmatian-symbols.htm

These signs are read from the bottom to the top. You are going to be floored when I tell you what it is. The bottom part with the two swirls crossing is "Ma" She is represents the supreme fire...She is the Goddess of fire. 
The eye (you can see it right?) is named "Tara" The God of Sun and Thunder.

The two horns sticking out represent rays of the sun, bull horns, and arrows.

The overall symbolism is from the cult of the sun, fire, home, and hearth.  Symbolism of cattle, wealth, life and death in also included. The bull is so prevalent in ancient times because it represents fertility. I think you could probably guess why it would have that associated with it.


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