Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Etruscan Sun God

 Getty image

This is Usil, and the name has not been agreed upon. The language of the Etruscan has not been deciphered, so Usil may be the name or it may not. So what do we know about the artifact.

He has wings on his heels like Mercury. He is running over the water. Do you see the waves. He is one an ionic column, but I am not sure why. I think if this was a part of someone's home they may have sought to align themselves with a God. Many aristocratic or upper class people would align themselves with the Gods for more power. He also has wings. They look like they may have been the ones Icarus used. I hope he knows what happened to him.

He is an interesting God non the less. I have seen other Sun Gods with barges, but wings and wings on the heels. I think that this is a real clue about the Etruscans. I think they originally came from somewhere else. Maybe Crete?  Their art has influences from Assyria and Egypt. The flight over the sea of waves, it must have been a long trip to their destination. Their main God is not in a barge or on wheels...he has wings and he is flying over waves.

Do you have any thought about it?


  1. Yes, it must be a long trip, indeed, to need wings AND wings on your heels! Makes you ponder! Beautiful piece, thank you!

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