Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Little Sun for Sunday

I have special permission to utilize this painting from my friend Robin Ann at Insights and Belly Laughs. She does so many beautiful paintings. I really love this for the sun, and the colorful flowers. Even the centers of the flowers give hints of ancient symbolism of the sun. The one on the left foreground has the wheel pattern, and the one behind it clearly has a more realistic sun right in the center. The one on the right foreground has more of the Vergina  Sun symbol look. The colors are bold and striking. Thank you Robin for the use of the image. Please go by and say hi to Robin.


  1. A beautiful painting indeed.
    Thank you for visiting my blog. I will be stopping by again!

  2. Thank you very much..I love how you added the information as well..very interesting...You are a Sun Goddess...Thanks again..!

  3. So pretty and colorful! Thanks, I needed that this morning!

  4. Great image--thanks for using. It is a welcome sight on a cloudy snowy day here.

  5. Hello and so Happy to meet you...

    I LOVE Kathleen at Purple Flowers she is a dear...we really have enjoyed getting to know each other..
    what town do you live in? i grew up in los gatos and have family in ross and danville...

    i LOVE san francisco so much.......

    all our immediate family is here in slo and we love living in an old cottage in the downtown historical raliroad district...love walking down for tea and bookstore browsing..

    i am happy to follow you and look forward to more

    have a wonderful day , my friend


  6. This is beautiful.
    Thanks for posting.
    I always enjoy visiting here.