Monday, December 21, 2009

Inca Sun God

Here we see a depiction of the Sun God in the center. The Inca people believed they were direct descendants of the sun. See the small suns faces at the bottom of the relief?

June 21st was the biggest festivity Inti Raymi or the Sun Festival. The sun was the most important Deity to them. I am unclear if they believed as the Mayan people...A Goddess gave birth to all the Sun, Moon, and stars.

Once the party was started a bread that was made of maize (corn) was offered to the people. Much like Christian Communion. Real blood from a Llama was offered as well. Black and white Llamas were the prime choice.

The Sun Temple was rumored to have a street that was paved with gold.

The Inca people found lots of gold and silver. The gold was believed to be the sweat from the sun. Silver was called the tears from the moon.


  1. I love to hear about intersting.. I love the last part about the sweat and tears..very kool...I always depict the sun in most of my art..ocean, sun favorite things..!!

  2. Oh I like that gold was from the Sun and Silver from the moon. How abundant and beautifully used it must have been before they were conquered.