Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Unique Sun Summerian

These images of the Ancient Middle East are the best I can do. I thought for sure Jordan would have had evidence of some sort of sun images, but I have so far not been able to find anything until there is an Italian influence in Petra.

This image is from the Ancient Middle East. As you can see it is a bird in full flight. In the center is the sun. A man is encapsulated in the center of the sun. I believe it looks like he is doing calculations about the stars. There are so many interpretations. He could also have his hands in a position of praise for the sun, or it could be he in a pose that is part of a ritual that would have been understood by someone of the time. We may never know, but it is so fun to speculate. There are just so many possibilities. I doubt that you would find a group of people that would concur with just one scenario. Go ahead and take a guess, and for those of you that are too clever to fool. Yes, this image is probably familiar. I will follow up tomorrow as to why it is so familiar.


  1. I read in an old history book that they used to worship the Sun back then and Constantine came to power and saw that Christians were becoming more popular and he switched. Then again, history just isn't my forte!

  2. I like the photo. To me, it looks like someone being carried up to the Gods, perhaps after their death. Very interesting.

  3. I think evidence of history's first tanning bed. :-)

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