Friday, December 4, 2009

Sumerian Sun

The Sumerian sun art is pretty prevalent. I will showcase some really great images of their people and the image of the sun. Since the Jordan area was one of the first "civilizations" as we understand them I thought for sure I would be able to find one, alas I was only able to find some in Petra. The ones in Petra are not as old as the ones the Sumerians portrayed.

In this relief we see a distinguished man stepping on the foot of the man he is slaying. His dress is different, so I would guess he is a foreigner. The prisoner is being stabbed by a huge dagger. The prisoner has his hands tied behind him. The sun watches on as the man is losing his life. Is the man unworthy of being shown with a head? The sun seems to have no real expression that we could definatly call sad, happy, or angry. It seems to be cold and distant. The sun does have a curious third eye(?). Is it an all seeing eye? Is it an early form of adding the triangle?

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