Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sun Carriage

This is the next progression out of the wheel sun. You may notice that there are four spokes on the wheel. I am almost certain that there is another carriage that is in Russia depicting 8 spokes, and the horse is much more primitive. This horse is pulling the sun, and as you may know later we find that mythic figures (such as Helios) will be pulling the sun with the help of many horses.


  1. I'm just astounded by how much you find about the sun. Awesome stuff!

  2. Wow! SO much stuff about the sun! Great blog!

    Thanks for visiting my blog from SITS! Happy Sunday! :D

  3. This is such a beautiful piece! It's always a treat to meet another N. CA blogger and a fellow art lover. I was an Art History major at Cal, but have done nothing with it professionally. Your posts are wonderfully written and reignite my passion for history through art.