Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sun Barge

I have always read that the ancient people believed in a barge transporting the sun. This would make sense to the ancient people that were near water to believe in this myth. The Ancient Egyptians are the only images I can find (thus far) of ancient people and the sun barge. It also looks as thought he moon is just under the sun. Two baboons are the escorts for the sun.

What else is known about the sun barges? A barge procession would take place for the dead. The barge of the dead would also be preserved for the afterlife. Many barges have been found in the tombs.


  1. Kimberly I simply love this blog!

    Do you think the ancients maybe thought the moon was the sun's barge? And, wow, they would put the, very large I would imagine, barges right in the tombs??

    I know that if I haven't learned something new today, that I can always pop over here!

    Thanks Kimberly ...

  2. "Sunshine...on my shoulder makes me happy..."
    Do you think the ancients would have liked John Denver? Your blog is very enlightening!