Monday, November 16, 2009

Neo Lithic People of Ireland II

This sun is from the passage tomb in Ireland. Another representation of the sun left by the Neolithic People. I have a sincere appreciation for the people that lived over 5000 years ago and were building with stones that were over a ton in size, moving earth to build mounds...all to divide time. They were wanting to harness a relationship with the sun, moon, earth, and stars. It was an attempt to understand the earth they lived on, and grapple with the meaning of life. The mound is like a cave, a way for them to enter earth, the belly of the womb that brings forth food. This mound brings forth food, and sustains not only humans, but the animals around all of us too. I have seen where they have not only one sun but many. I have often wondered if the reason they drew so many different sun was a way to "harness" the energy of the sun. Could they have drawn the sun in different phases?

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