Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ancient Macedonian Sun

The Ancient Macedonian sun is not as abstract as the Mayan sun. This one has an ancient symbol. A dot in the cent of the circle was the symbol of the ancient people for sun. (I will have to pull one of those out to show) The Ancient Macedonians had 16 points on their depiction of the sun. Interestingly enough is their flag now is a sun with 8 points. We will look at that one tomorrow.


  1. Very interesting post. Thanks for sharing.

  2. No offence but your article contains several inaccuracies.

    The ancient Macedonians used both the 8-rayed and the 16-rayed sunburst. The sunburst was a common symbol used in Mediterannean, ages before ancient Macedonians adopted it.

    The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) which is the foremost authority regarding the protection of intellectual property throughout the world has already concluded that the different depictions of the symbol are Greek state symbols.,B+CC%2fGR+,B+CC%2fGR+,B+CC%2fGR+

    The current controversy between scholars over the ethnicity of ancient Macedonians is solely limited to whether they were Greeks or not. The modern Macedonians of Slavic background have nothing to do with the ancient people hence no serious scholar even attempts to link them with the ancient.

    Furthermore the ancient kingdom of Macedon lies mostly where is now the Northern District of Greece, called Macedonia with a tiny strip in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Albania.

    There are 4 different modern states, namely Bulgaria, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Greece and Albania which contain territories of the Macedonian Region. If you ask me Greece historically has a more valid claim than the rest.