Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ancient Egyptian

The first know Monotheist Ahkenaton. He worshiped the sun. Moved the capital. He is usually shown as a more feminine male. He is often shown with a slightly swollen abdominal area. There have been speculation on the topic. I have often wondered if he is making a statement to his people that he is the embodiment of a female on earth carrying the seed of new life from the sun.

I have read that some believe that the Sun King is deformed as a result of inbreeding.

I just find it fascinating that so many cultures world wide have sun worshipping of some kind. I mean, when you think about it. If you are in an agricultural people you depend upon the sun. It brings you light, warmth, and without it there is no food. I am sure there were people that felt that the sun made them feel better. Feeling good can bring on a spiritual feeling. It stimulates all your faculties when you feel good.


  1. my father have been studying the sun in art since i was a little child and he did his phd in art history on that! reading your posts make me think about my childhood!
    nice blog!
    wish you a great day,

  2. The sun is good, could use a little sunshine here on this rainy day in England. I'm sure it would make all of us feel better as we are fighting colds and crud. Nice post.
    Visiting from SITS. Have a great day!